Getting temp for a specific hour with the Timeline API

I'm attempting to use the timeline API to get weather data at a specific hour of the day for a day in the past like this:


That is working fine, however the temp doesn't appear accurate.  If I get hourly data for the whole day, I would expect the temp from the query above to match what I find at the 15:00 hour in the full days worth of data, but it doesn't:


The hourly data for the whole day better reflects what I would expect to see, however, I just want to query for a single hour in the day.

After playing around with it a little, it seems that the temp returned in the first query (for 1 specific hour of the day) is always the "feelslike" temp and not the regular "temp" that I see for the same hour (15:00) in hourly data for that day.

Am I misunderstanding what the "temp" query parameter is returning?  If so, how can I get the actual temp for a specific hour of the day?

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