New web site released

We are pleased to release our new web site today! The updated site is a major re-write that we hope will allow you to find the weather data that you need more easily.  Among many other important changes, we’ve updated the usage and account pages to allow you to better monitor your usage and change account options.

The new query page makes it easier to download the data to CSV, Excel and even JSON format. Our new Weather API query preview shows you the resulting Weather API query in raw, URL form and for various programming and scripting languages.  And building your queries is now entirely free!  After you build your query, you will see a preview of the first few data rows.  Only when you are ready to download or use the API will we deduct from your free credits or record the cost to your account as appropriate.

If you have comments or suggestions or find something that isn’t working quite right, please let us know by making a comment here. We have a team of our engineers standing by ready to address anything that inevitably comes up with a major update such as this.

If you find the need to use the old Weather Data Services query page, you can still access it by navigating to https://www.visualcrossing.com/legacy/weather/weather-data-services. 

Whichever query builder you choose, the data will come from our same global weather database that you have come to trust.  However, if you decide to use the legacy version, we’d love to hear from you why you chose that version over the new version.  Your feedback will help us improve the site for everyone.

Finally, thank you all for your feedback during the testing phrase and thanks to our team here for their efforts that led to our updated release today.




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