Conditions and Icon don't match

I've noticed that for the following API call that sometimes the icon and the conditions don't match in the daily forecast. https://weather.visualcrossing.com/VisualCrossingWebServices/rest/services/timeline/Ottawa,CA?unitGroup=metric&key=<KEY>&options=nonulls&include=fcst%2Ccurrent,obs


It seems to be off for when it forecasts precipitation as I understand that wind/fog overrides the conditions if the conditions are right.

I've seen the following:

"conditions": "Rain, Partially cloudy", "icon": "cloudy",

"conditions": "Rain, Overcast", "icon": "cloudy",

For these two is it because the precipprob is low? The first one is 47.5 and the second one is only 4.8 so they must not be meeting the threshold to show the rain icon?

"conditions": "Snow, Overcast", "icon": "rain",

Not sure why this is happening as the preciptype is snow so I'm not sure how the icon is coming up with rain.

Also are there any plans to add more icons to the icon list? Compared to Yahoo for example the amount of icons are very limited and they don't seem to match up with the precip types that are available.


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