Historical/Average weather

This is a personal use case to generate weather data for solo, offline sim racing. Sometimes when I generate historical weather for a location (e.g. Spa in Belgium) and put the json data in a viewer, it gives an error. I have to search/replace instances of the word "none' with something else, either 0.0 or null. Does "none" mean 0.0 inches of rain, for example, or does it mean there is no data for this item?

When looking at the average weather dashboard for a month/day. It shows an overall chance of precipitation. Let's say for Monaco on April 12 the chance of precip is 11%. That means that historically, there has been precipitation on April 12 in Monaco 11% of the time, correct? There are also percentages based on a daily period. For example, the May 12 morning in Monaco is listed as 4%. Does that mean that on May 12 in Monaco historically there has been precip 4% of the time? Or does it mean that only on days where there is precip,  that precip happened during the morning 4% of the time?


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