Getting Started With Weather Data Services


Weather Data Services provides an easy way to access weather forecast data, historical weather observation data and historical summary data. The data is accessible in three ways - directly in the browser, as a data download or as a Restful API link.

This article steps you through the process of obtaining weather data though the Weather Data Services page.


Creating an account

The initial page of the application prompts you to either log in or create an account.


As we have never created an account before, press 'Sign up' to create a new account and start a free seven day trial. 

The Sign Up process will walk you through the steps to enter an email, validate the email and finally create a password.

Retrieving our first weather data

Once you have created an account, return to the opening log in page and sign in with your new credentials.

The first screen you will encounter is the locations page. 


There are two ways to import location into the application - either by providing a file which includes addresses or by manually entering a location.

Let's start by entering a manual address. Press on 'Add Manual'.


The application asks for two pieces of information. The address of the location (which can be the full mailing address but also a partial address or latitude, longitude pair). You may also enter a name. The name is not required but if specified, it will be used when displaying weather data location instead of showing the address.

I enter the address and I am immediately shown weather forecast data for the selected location:


This is the most basic view of data. The single location weather forecast is displayed in a calendar format which each day showing multiple variables of weather data including expected high temperature, low temperature and likelihood of rain.

From this screen we can download data, switch to investigating historical weather data and also start building weather API queries.

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