TN Legend sticks when changing Pages in MicroStrategy dossiers


When opening the legend on one page of a dossier and then changing to another page containing a map as well, the legend is still visible on the new map.

One has to go back to the previous page, close the legend there and then switch again to the other page.


Page 1 : Region Layer + Legend


Page 2: Zip Layer + Region Legend



Switching pages in dossiers does not trigger an event via the API. When the legend is technically configured as pop up the map does not get the trigger to close it.



  • In the 'Settings' menu select the 'Map Properties' entry


  • Open the 'Components' tab and select the 'Edit' link for the Legend component

  • Un-check the 'Show legacy legend' checkbox and click the check-mark to save the setting

  • Save the map and dossier
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