How to add drive time /-distance Isochrones to your map





  1. Under 'Settings' select the 'Map Properties'  entry
  2. In the 'Map Properties' editor under the 'Actions' tab click the 'Add...' button and select 'Drive time isochrone'

  3. In the 'Action Editor' set a suitable 'Trigger' to initiate the isochrone calculation for the selected location and set the 'Properties' as required and click the check mark
    Properties are:
    Style name - (internal setting - leave as is)
    Max Value + resolution - determine the accuracy of the resulting polygon - the product of the two values is the number of calculations performed
    time Isos: drive time in seconds to calculate the isochrone
    distance Isos: drive distance in meters to calculate the isochrone
    vehicle: optional values are 'car'; 'bike' or 'foot'
    min Selections*: minimum number of elements to be selected (-1 = no imit)
    max Selections*: maximum number of elements to be selected (-1 = no imit)
    layers: select the layers the Isochrone calcualtoin shall be available on (no selection = all)
    Icon Style**: icon for the action trigger

    * NOTE: if two or more locations are selected the action will calculate the intersection of the generated isochrones
    ** see as well What are the available default icons?


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